Do you need a RESET?

I've been there, and I've got you covered.

Are you trying to recover from a rough parenting moment (or week, or month, or YEAR) or are you stuck in a negative rut with your differently wired child? Would you give anything for a parental control + alt + delete button so you could wipe the slate clean and reset the dynamic with your child? 

The EMERGENCY RESET is relief for what’s not working. This mini-course will give you in-the-moment strategies to disrupt harmful patterns, help you hone in on what’s at the root of unproductive spin cycles, and guide you in creating your own reset rituals so you can show up in a way that feels so much better to you and your child. 

I’ll walk you through the process of customizing my simple 4-step Emergency Reset framework so you can not only get that reset right now, but have a plan for activating it anytime you need it. 

Here's the PLAN

    1. Welcome to the Emergency Reset

    1. Step 1 of the Emergency Reset Framework: Stop, Breathe, Repeat

    2. Step 2 of the Emergency Reset Framework: Reframe Stuck Thinking

    3. Step 3 of the Emergency Reset Framework: Practice Self-Compassion

    4. Step 4 of the Emergency Reset Framework: Engage in Reset Rituals

    1. Create YOUR Emergency Reset Strategy

    2. The Next 30 Days

    1. Want to dive deeper into any of these concepts?

About this course

  • $19.00
  • 8 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

About Debbie

Debbie Reber

Debbie Reber, MA, is a parenting activist, bestselling author, podcast host, speaker, the founder and CEO of Tilt Parenting, and the creator of the Differently Wired Club. The Tilt Parenting Podcast is the top-performing podcast for parents, caregivers, educators and professions raising and supporting neurodivergent children with more than 5 million downloads. A certified Positive Discipline trainer and a regular contributor to ADDitude Magazine, Debbie’s most recent book is "Differently Wired: A Parent’s Guide to Raising an Atypical Child with Confidence and Hope."

What others have to say about the Emergency Reset

“Debbie’s calm, steady presence is welcome in times of distress. With this plan, you are more prepared to step out of the fray and tap into your own ability to be calm and to steady a rocking boat.”


“For a true emergency reset, when you’re in the weeds and need a hand NOW, it is so important to quickly get to the heart of what’s going to help AND to create feelings of caring and trust. This course does both. I am consistently following through on the things I came up with for myself to reframe my thinking, practice self-compassion, and “reset” in difficult moments. So, thank you.”


“The Emergency Reset is brilliant! It feels doable, even when things feel like they have hit rock bottom and resources are completely depleted.”


“Debbie has been the number one biggest influencer of my parenting. I am so grateful for her doing this work. My kids might survive (or even thrive in) childhood because of the things I’ve learned! Interwoven with personal, relatable stories, the Emergency Reset gathers the best practices into one place, breaks it all down into baby steps, and makes it all seem doable. It’s a lifeline that will be a godsend to your family.”


“An excellent tool on how to reset mind and body - with clear steps and examples to spur engagement and self thought”


Giving Back

10 percent of proceeds for all courses will go to 4 organizations whose missions are in alignment with that of Tilt Parenting — Eye to Eye, SENG, Gender Spectrum, and the Equal Justice Initiative.